Cyberspace and the State: Toward a strategy for cyber-power (Adelphi series Book 424)

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Given those initial meetings, when the workshop started, we already had a bit of a working relationship with participants, which helped jump-start proceedings. In autumn of , we asked Ms. Tammy Haken to serve as administrative assistant on the project. Haken had already completed her J. She was wonderfully helpful, and took the lead in coordinat- ing website creation with Ryan Burke and in posting the drafts of papers submitted by workshop partici- pants.

She was the point of contact for participants regarding their respective travel plans and accommo- dations while in Carlisle. She also helped us edit the workshop proceedings during the summer of We should also note that during the workshop, Ms. Haken took the lead in supervising a team of five Dickinson College students, who served as our as- sistants. That is, with some of the in-kind funds that had been provided by Dickinson College, we asked Ms. Anna Leistikow, Ms. Rachel Williams, Mr. Hunt- er Smith, Ms. Carmen Mann, and Ms. Sitong Chen to perform tasks that ranged from driving participants to and from airports in the region, to helping those participants navigate the campus and town, to taking notes and digitally recording the workshop sessions, and to serving as goodwill representatives of our Col- lege during receptions, meals, and break-out sessions.

We are very proud of the work they did and the posi- tive impressions they made on our guests.

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XV In virtually all respects, the Workshop unfolded without a hitch. That success was due in large part to the efforts of many people at Dickinson College. We offer thanks to Ms. William Trego, who arranged all the classroom and meeting spaces and provided audiovisual support for presentations made during receptions and meals.

We also offer thanks to Mr. Jenn Acuna, Catering Manager; and Mr.

Jack O'Donnell, Executive Chef, for providing stellar meals at reasonable cost. We certainly express our deepest gratitude to the United States Army War College Foundation, which provided the funds to cover all the meal-related expenses associated with the 3-day workshop.

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Throughout the many months of project planning and management, we also had wonderful help from Dickinson College's Office of Financial Operations, including Ms. As we noted previously, at an early stage of the initiative.

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Professor Gaudion had offered her support, and during the workshop, we greatly benefitted from the first-rate teleconference capabilities that are housed in the Carlisle campus of the Dickinson School of Law. On the afternoon of the second day of the workshop, participants were able to enjoy "face to face" conver- sations with Dr.

Rajesh Chakrabarti and Mr. We thank Mr. Tom Dennis, Technical Services Coordinator, both of whom are af- filiated with Pennsylvania State University and who made those conversations technically possible. In spring of , we were fortunate to win a grant from Dickinson College's Center for Sustainability Education to support the full-time efforts of a research assistant during 8 weeks of summer of We re- ceived applications from 15 very talented students.

We chose Mr. Tim Ted Dressel Dickinson class of to serve in that capacity. He read through all the papers that had been submitted, in order to help Ms.

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Haken and us with the editorial process. He also studied the 3 days of recorded proceedings, and then worked to "cut and paste" segments of the recorded proceedings into relatively short, annotated, manage- able sections that would permit interested parties to hear and watch various participants share concepts relevant to a particular theme.

He helped us create transcripts of the oral presentations and videoconfer- ence interviews for which there were no supporting written papers. Simply speaking, Mr. Dressel' s work on our project was exceptional, in all respects. In August of , we submitted to John Colwell the final versions of the Section Introductions and Chapters 1 to 24 of the Manuscript. He then completed the prefatory items and navigated the book through the next steps in the process. In March of , we learned that the manuscript had been approved for publication.

From that time to this writing in August of , we have benefitted from the expertise and fine work of Dr. James G.

Pierce, Ms. Rita A. Rummel, and Ms.

Cyberspace and the State : Towards a Strategy for Cyber-Power.

Jennifer E. Nevil, who shaped the book into its current format. Individually, each and every one shared ideas in a forthright fashion and made serious-minded and meaningful contributions to the success of the initia- tive. Collectively, they brought an enormous amount of insight and expertise to the topic at hand.

As is re- flected in the papers that have been included in this volume, they also established a foundation for further research in what we believe is an important arena. Stephanie B aimer. Army War College.

Kent H. Todd H. Professor Rick Coplen, U.

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Army War College, from to He recent- ly retired from active service as a U. Army lieuten- ant colonel in July His prior assignments include U. Forces- Afghanistan J-5 Plans, U. He is currently pursuing a career in the energy and industrial automation sectors. Lieutenant Colonel Colwell holds a B. Barbara C. Crosby, Associate Professor, Hubert H.

Cyberspace and the State: Towards a Strategy for Cyber-Power - CRC Press Book

He is cur- rently a member of this new Department and as well the International Studies Department. His teaching XX and research interests include: the changing structure of the global economic and political system; the rising interdependence among state and nonstate agents in the global system; and the strategies being pursued by strategic leaders from various sectors as they navigate those changing circumstances.

Fratantuono has published a range of case studies and journal articles, and served as a consultant to both for-profit and non- profit organizations. Fratantuono holds a Ph. Professor Amy C. Brian K. Rahul S. COL Retired Dr. Melissa M. Leif Rosenberger, Economic Advisor to U.